We are a diverse team of creatives and critical thinkers committed to your success.

Noetic Marketer creates and implements customized digital marketing strategies focusing on search engine optimization, content marketing, pay-per-click, and social media advertising for clients in all industries.

The Noetic Marketer story.

Noetic Marketer is an Ottawa and Greater Toronto Area based digital marketing agency, who serves clients in Canada, the United States and worldwide.

Noetic began in 2016 as a freelancing gig. The idea was born when Andres Tovar, the co-founder of Noetic Marketer, had the opportunity to work with several marketing agencies. During this time, he discovered that many companies were losing money and missing out on valuable business opportunities due to the agency and client's lack of communication and consultation.

After realizing the industry's gaps, Andres and his partner Gloria decided to build an agency that understands all the moving pieces in the fast-paced digital marketing space. Their goal was to create a company that treats their clients as partners, where a deep understanding of each other's businesses is needed, and where communication is the key element to a successful partnership.

In response to industry needs, the company became incorporated in January 2017. Noetic Marketer prides itself on not taking its partnerships for granted. This mentality has allowed the company to push through the noise to create meaningful connections and successfully deliver innovative marketing solutions.


Our vision.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in digital marketing. Companies need partners who have the knowledge and expertise to provide advice, assess and develop a digital strategy and implement what’s best for their clients.

Our mission.

We’re on a mission to create the most dynamic and complete team of digital marketers in the country. These marketers will seamlessly integrate a 360° system so that our partners can focus more time on their products and services and less time on their marketing.

Our core values.



We believe in developing life-long relationships with clients.

Open Communication

Keeping communication lines opens allows for more collaboration and feedback.

Honesty and Transparency

Our team always has our partners’ best interests in mind.

Innovation and Adaptability

We believe in finding solutions to problems and quickly adapting to any challenges we might face.


We strive for daily growth as an individual, team, and company. We also believe in creating growth opportunities for our clients.


Our process.

1. Discovery

Getting to know your business at a deeper level will allow us to determine whether our agency is a good fit for your company. Tell us about your company’s vision, mission, goals, offerings and budget, and we will let you know if and how we can help.

2. Audit and analysis

Our team will perform a SWOT analysis and industry analysis to identify where our agency can support your business. We will also research to develop a persona for your target audience. Finally, we will analyze any past data that your company has to provide us with a place to start.

3. Strategy development

Once our analysis is complete, we will determine which digital strategy we should move forward with for your business's success.

4. Asset creation

Our team will create the necessary assets that suit the digital strategy your company has agreed to adopt. Whether that is designing a landing page, Facebook advertisement, or writing content, a set of valuable assets will be developed for your company.

5. Implementation

We put our findings, strategy and assets together to run the right solution for your company.

6. Monitoring

We continuously review the performance of your campaigns. Our paid ads reports are delivered weekly, and our SEO reports are provided monthly.

7. Optimization

Through tracking and analyzing the data, we can make the necessary improvements to your campaigns. In this stage, we will finalize A/B tests and scale the content that is performing the best. The final four stages become an endless cycle to improve your company’s performance.

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