Meet Our Team

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 Andres Tovar

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

A client-focused, trend-sensitive, and metrics-oriented individual, Andres is the Founder, Lead Consultant and Managing Partner for Noetic Marketer. He has designed entire digital funnels for his clients and has helped triple many of his clients’ lead conversion rates. Andres has devised fully optimized campaigns for clients ranging from SaaS, real estate, and educational institutions to e-commerce sites and local businesses.

Industry Certifications:

  • Content Marketing Mastery Certification (Digital Marketer)

  • Search Engine Optimization Mastery Certification (Digital Marketer)

  • Responsive Website Building Certification (Codecademy)

  • Hootsuite Platform Certification (Hootsuite)

  • Google Search Ads (Google Skillshop)

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Gloria Tibavisco

Co-Founder & CEO

Gloria is a passionate creative at heart. With over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, her motivated and risk-taking nature has led her to build several businesses from scratch in Colombia and Canada. A devoted wife and mother to three children - Gloria has co-founded Noetic Marketer with her son, Andres Tovar. Her optimism, determination, and love for business allow her to become a better leader and CEO every day. When Gloria isn’t designing a unique advertising campaign or developing a new strategy, she works on her art and photography.

Industry Certifications:

  • Digital Advertising Certification (Hubspot)

  • Search Engine Optimization Mastery Certification (Digital Marketer)

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Bryan Baggio

Paid Media & Data Analytics Strategist

A data-informed, authentic, and dynamic individual, Bryan is the Paid Media & Data Analytics Specialist at Noetic Marketer. He works tirelessly to transform marketing plans for companies needing paid advertisement, content marketing, search engine optimization, and other digital marketing strategies.

Industry Certifications:

  • Google Display Ads Certification (Google Skillshop)

  • Google Shopping Ads Certification (Google Skillshop)

  • Google Search Ads Certification (Google Skillshop)

  • Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate (Facebook Blueprint)

  • Paid Traffic Mastery Certification (Digital Marketer)

  • Analytics & Data Mastery Certification (Digital Marketer)

  • Optimization & Testing Mastery Certification (Digital Marketer)

Garrett Evans

Project Manager

A results-oriented, organized, and strategic professional, Garrett is passionate about exceeding clients’ expectations through the delivery of the highest quality of work, always making customer satisfaction his number one priority. His effective communication, time management, and leadership skills have helped him to successfully oversee teams as a full-time project manager since 2018. He enjoys taking ideas and seeing them through to fruition, leading multiple driven team members towards the same solitary goal. 

Industry Certifications:

  • Content Marketing Specialist

  • Ecommerce Marketing Specialist

Emry Tommasini

Copywriter and SEO Strategist

A versatile, compassionate, and determined individual, Emry has dedicated her time to honing her skills and beginning a career in the copywriting industry. Her personal and professional work has helped her to continue learning about blog writing, email marketing, editing, SEO, and publishing. At Noetic Marketer, Emry has continued to strengthen her copywriting skills and SEO knowledge in the marketing world and is excited to have entered a career that feeds her creative abilities and thirst for continual growth and knowledge.

Industry Certifications:

  • Professional Editing Standards Certificate (Queen’s University)

  • Direct-Response Copywriting Mastery (Digital Marketer)

Juliana Stacey

Copywriting & Content Marketing Strategist

A focused, intuitive, and driven writer, Juliana’s longtime love of literature and language has turned into her life’s work, studying English and Professional Writing & Communication at the University of Toronto. At Noetic Marketer, Juliana has had the opportunity to apply her studies in writing and editing to content creation and copywriting for a variety of industries. She loves assisting companies in conveying their messaging and stories in ways that are accessible to all readers. 

Industry Certifications:

  • Direct-Response Copywriting Mastery

Laura Tovar 

Social Media Manager & Graphic Designer

A creative, innovative, and ideas-based artist, Laura is enthusiastic about helping companies increase their outreach through social media posts and eye-catching advertisements. Her talents in art and design have led her to pursue a degree in art and art history through a dual program with the University of Toronto and Sheridan College. She is always developing new ways to make clients’ social media pages stand out.

Industry Certifications:

  • Social & Community Mastery


Kim Tucker

Administrative Coordinator 

A highly organized, responsible, and detail-oriented individual, Kim has dedicated her career to providing a professional and compassionate approach to her skills. With an office administration background of 5 years, Kim’s attention to detail and desire to help others are the defining traits towards the success of her career in this industry. She enjoys any task that will assist in the efficacy of a business which includes organizing files and calendars, scheduling meetings, preparing reports, assigning tasks and much more. As the Administrative Coordinator at Noetic Marketer, Kim is committed to keeping the company organized at all levels, improving the efficiency of our team as we continue to grow.