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Why is Digital Marketing for Professional Services Important? 


Expand Reach

The more people that know about your business, the more likely they are to try out your service. Extending your brand's reach through digital marketing practices such as social media ads, pay-per-click ads and content marketing is proven to be timely, relatively inexpensive, and highly effective.

Gain Quality Clients

Professional services depend on quality clients for business operations to run smoothly. With digital marketing, professionals can attract quality clients to their business easier than ever before. Through expertly targeted audiences and copywriting tactics that promote action, professional service providers continue to gain quality clients for their business.

Nurture Relationships

Once a person uses your services, it is essential to nurture the relationship to encourage them to return or to spread positive word of mouth. We can build stronger relationships through email campaigns, blog posts, retargeting campaigns, and personalized content.

Become an Industry Leader

If you want to be the go-to service provider in your industry, you must become a leader in your field. Prove your expertise by providing valuable information, answering common questions that your clients may have, and supporting them along their service journey.

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Professional Services Digital Marketing Services

Growth Focused Marketing Solutions for your Business


Digital Strategy Services

Are you new to digital marketing? Or do you need some assistance in setting up a high-converting digital marketing strategy? Our team is ready to partner with you to provide your business with customized and effective digital marketing solutions.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Services

Appear online when potential clients are searching for you, your competitor or service. Select to display your pay-per-click (PPC) ads on platforms such as Google, Microsoft and Twitter. The copy is customized for your target audience and adheres to your desired budget.


Social Media Advertising Services

Your potential clients use social media for hours every single day. Why not get your company in front of them with social media ads? Increase your brand awareness, get higher engagement, and gain more sales on Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads and more. Our team will strategically place ads on platforms that your target audience uses the most often.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

According to Forbes, 65% of people see online search as the most trusted source of information about companies. Similarly, 93% of searchers never go past the first page of a search result. If your company needs to be visible online, then you need to focus on search engine optimization. Generate more inbound leads organically, rank #1 on Google, and secure more clients with this highly-effective practice. Our team focuses on-page SEO, technical SEO, content creation, competitor research, keyword analysis and link building for SEO success.


Content Marketing Services

Consumers respond more positively to valuable content rather than sales content—which is why we create content that your target audience wants to consume. Answer questions and provide solutions to potential clients through content marketing. Create lead magnets, landing pages, blog posts and emails to get your potential clients interested in your business to retain them as lifelong customers.

Who We Are

Noetic Marketer is a professional services digital marketing agency located in Ottawa and the Greater Toronto Area. The agency serves clients located in Canada, the United States and worldwide. Noetic is composed of a team of strategists, designers, and analytic minds focused on growing your business the way you want.

Over the past few years, our team has created and implemented complete digital marketing solutions for professional services across North America. 

Our services include digital strategy consultations, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media advertising and content marketing.

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Why Choose Professional Services Digital Marketing Agency?

Industry experience Icon.jpg

Industry Experience

Noetic Marketer has worked with leaders in their respective professional services since the founding of the company. Our team works with professionals in all industries to attract quality clients and transform them into long-lasting relationships.

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Custom-Built Strategies

We build creative campaigns that go beyond traditional marketing tactics. Each executed strategy and piece of content created is specifically developed to suit your niche and desired clientele.

Client-Centric - Icon-01.png


Our team wants the best for our clients and their clients. We form strong partnerships based on trust and communication to ensure all work reflects our clients' values. We are your partner, and we genuinely have your best interests in mind.

Adpatable Icon.jpg


2020 has hit businesses differently. If your company has pivoted in the past year, we can help you shift your marketing strategies. Our team stays up to date on current trends and we are always testing out new ways to apply best practices for high results.

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As a professional services digital marketing agency, we exist to grow your business's reach, get qualified leads, engage clients, build trust and form solid client relationships.

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Top-Level Reporting

Your online performance dashboard is available 24/7. Check in to see how your company is performing over time, and go over the numbers with our data specialists.

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Full Budget Transparency

The way you spend your company money matters. Get full visibility on your digital marketing spending every month.

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Our Professional Services Digital Marketing Process

1. Discovery

Our agency needs to understand your company, goals, budget and desired clientele to create winning digital marketing strategies. Throughout this conversation, we will determine whether our agency is a good fit for your professional service.

2. Audit & Analysis

Our team reviews your industry, current trends, competitors and current digital marketing campaigns. We develop personas for your audience as the basis of all new campaigns.

3. Strategy Development

Our team puts together a strategy to gain you more leads and conversions for your professional service. Select which digital marketing services are in your budget, and we will set your campaigns for launch for your desired timeline.

4. Asset Creation

Our designers and copywriters develop the content that the strategy requires. Whether the content is for social media ads, landing pages, visual ads, PPC ads, chatbots or search engine optimization, all content will be valuable to your audience.

5. Implementation

Campaigns are ready for launch on your desired platforms. Audiences are selected, and content is released to your targeted audiences. Our team and yours review all assets before launch.

6. Monitoring

Constant monitoring is vital for the success of your campaigns. Each week, we deliver paid ad reports to all clients. SEO clients receive detailed SEO reports once a month.

7. Optimization

Our team makes improvements to your campaigns in response to daily analysis. We finalize A/B tests and scale performing ads and campaigns. The last four steps repeat for a sustainable marketing strategy.

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How can I gain more qualified leads and increase sales for my business?

When working with businesses like yours in the professional services industry, the first step is to develop a high-impact marketing funnel strategy. This means that we will create a system to generate authority and engagement to deliver value. We then convert these individuals into leads and move them through your sales funnel. Once the funnel is established, our team will cautiously analyze the data and optimize it to get you even better results!

What are the best professional service digital marketing channels?

It depends on your target audience. If you’re someone who serves CEOs within the manufacturing industry, we may recommend LinkedIn and Google Ads. If you’re someone who serves local shops, we may recommend Facebook and Google Ads. Moreover, SEO is a good practice for any business, but a specific strategy will be recommended depending on your niche, target audience, amount of resources and specific needs.

How can I build long-term client relationships through digital marketing?

A great relationship starts by providing value. Attract more clients for your business by letting them know you understand them, by showcasing your expertise, and by delivering content that is valuable to them. Once you have gained your audience’s trust, you have formed a relationship.

Do I need to know how to do digital marketing to hire an agency?

When you come to us and hire us, you’re hiring us for our expertise and advice. You don’t need to know how to do digital marketing. We will recommend a customized strategy for your unique business.

When can I expect results?

Results don’t happen overnight. It takes time, and it is a process. We first need to develop a strategy, then create the assets, then launch the campaign. Once a campaign launches, we need to gather initial data to optimize based on the initial results. How long it takes for you to see results depends highly on your business, how much data you have so far, and your current marketing funnel. We can typically create and deliver a successful marketing funnel within three months. However, many clients see results within the first two months.

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