Case Study

Telfer School of Management

Increase leads and applications for university programs. 

The Telfer School of Management is the business school at the University of Ottawa. With thirteen programs and three accreditations, Telfer is the leading school of business in the region.



The Telfer School of Management is uOttawa’s school of business. At Telfer, students have the opportunity to enhance their future through in-class learning and enriching experiences. The Telfer School of Management offers thirteen programs, including the Bachelor of Commerce, Master’s of Business Administration, Master of Health Administration, Master of Science in Management and many more.

The challenge.


In 2018, the Telfer School of Management’s leads and Canadian student applications needed to be higher. The Telfer School recognized that these numbers needed an increase and wanted to test whether digital advertising efforts could solve this problem. With a new Marketing and Communications Director and a new content marketing strategy in place, the school needed a digital advertising partner to make their goals come to life. At this moment, the Telfer school leaned on Noetic Marketer, a higher education digital marketing agency for its expertise.

Scope of the project.

  • Timeline: 2018-2019 Academic Year

  • Services: Pay-per-click, social media advertisement and content marketing 

The approach.


Once we understood Telfer’s goals, budget and current offerings, we could get started on a digital marketing strategy. Our team developed several buyer personas for the school to target their paid advertisements. These avatars included information about their interests, desires, and objections regarding the Telfer programs and services.

In understanding Telfer’s target audience, we developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included Google ads, Microsoft ads, Facebook ads, Linkedin ads, email marketing, lead magnets, landing pages and graphic design.

Campaign Advertising- Example work Telfer- Noetic Marketer.jpg


Retargeting Ads - Exmaple work Telfre=- Noetic Marketer.jpg


Landing Pages - Telfer Work example - Noteic Marketer.jpg



The strategy.


Our team used the following digital marketing tactics to carry out the new strategy for the Telfer School of Management:


Google and Microsoft ads

Aligned all paid ads with top-performing keywords to display advertisements on our target audiences' search engine results page. Wrote copy that created interest and engaged our target audience.

Facebook ads

Launched hundreds of Facebook ads to obtain conversions. Performed A/B tests to optimize ads.

Lead magnets

Put together an information package with the essential information regarding the MBA program. The lead magnet was made available for downloads on pay-per-click ads such as Google ads, Microsoft ads and Twitter ads, and social media ads.

Landing pages

Designed multiple landing pages for the Telfer programs. Launched several A/B tests to determine which features were most effective on the landing page.

Email marketing

Developed a drip campaign where emails became more specific about the program throughout the user's journey. Each email increased in personalization, introducing leads to the program and to the point of contact at the school.

Graphic design

Created eye-catching designs for advertisements displayed on social media, landing pages and lead magnets.


Continuous monitoring and optimization were completed throughout the school year to lead to impressive results. A weekly report was given to the Telfer School of Management's marketing team to keep everyone up to date on our digital advertising efforts.



If you are looking for a digital ad agency, Noetic is the place to go. Dedicated and result-driven team, always committed to their customer's success.

Carla De CiccioContent Strategist, Telfer School of Management

The results

In developing and executing a detailed digital marketing strategy, the following results were achieved:


increase in leads from the previous year



increase in Canadian leads of the prior year


increase in applications from the previous year


higher conversion rate than the industry average (according to

The highest

amount of MBA students since program inception




I have been with Noetic Marketer for a few years now. Noetic Marketer has helped to run our paid ads at the school. They always do an excellent job. I highly recommend this team. They always go above and beyond.

Jonathan SimonDirector of Marketing and Communications, Telfer School of Management


Case Study: Ottawa Digital Marketing Certificate